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Cell Candy was created by a very unique set of individuals and governing principles, embracing luxury, cutting edge science and pure life experience. Frustrated at not being able to find a product that delivered and going through a very stressful time that affected her appearance Mary Jo Eustace wanted to create something that addressed the real issues facing real women. A single mom with 2 kids and a multi tasking life she felt strongly that the access to premium beauty should be a right and not an expensive privilege.

Mary Jo Eustace has had a successful career in television and authored 5 books. She has appeared on almost every entertainment show and network with her outreach to women and knows only too well the demands and pressures put on a woman’s appearance. How could she create a skincare line that could give her back her confidence, the skin she used to be proud of and not cost her kids education fund.

She reached out to her friend Marek Hewryk who comes from a long line of chemists and biologist to get the answer. His family has spent generations perfecting the science of beauty and he continues the legacy by creating personalized products for leading fashion designers and European royalty, while selling successful beauty lines all over the world.

Together Mary Jo and Marek have created a product that has no preservatives, no animal testing, full of peptides and the most luxurious botanicals and ingredients, all made in the US. Years of experience and testing have gone into Cell Candy to deliver results that real women want. Mary Jo knows beautiful skin and confidence are entirely possible when you combine Nobel prize winning science with Marek’s family secrets.

It happened for her and now it can happen for you!

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When I was developing Cell Candy I was obsessed with a few things – firstly to deliver a perfect product that had been tried tested and tweaked over many years to give you the results you expected and deserved! I was also obsessed with giving you a different skincare experience! My true inspiration for that came from looking out my window into the backyard. The splashes of bougainvillea against my fence in fuscia and coral, the cool greens of my lime tree and the citrus bursts of the oranges and grapefruits trees inspired me to create something that reflected the beauty of the natural world. Every product contains ingredients that reflect our mandate of sustainable luxury – packed with premium botanicals...

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  I used to feel pretty good about myself. A successful career in TV, doing what I was passionate about, married to a ‘working’ actor, living in a newly renovated beautiful home and getting to spend all sorts of time with my most treasured project – my son Jack. Writing cookbooks, travelling the country working with all sorts of varied and interesting people I was having a really good run. So when we had the opportunity to move to California and experience year round sunshine and a whole new adventure as a family I was in! Now if you had of told me that within a year I would be divorced, a single mother of two, on my own and...

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