Mary Jo blog
I used to feel pretty good about myself. A successful career in TV, doing what I was passionate about, married to a ‘working’ actor, living in a newly renovated beautiful home and getting to spend all sorts of time with my most treasured project – my son Jack. Writing cookbooks, travelling the country working with all sorts of varied and interesting people I was having a really good run. So when we had the opportunity to move to California and experience year round sunshine and a whole new adventure as a family I was in!

Now if you had of told me that within a year I would be divorced, a single mother of two, on my own and portrayed in all the tabloids as old and cranky, I would have thought you were crazy. But that is exactly what happened to me. I was constantly stressed and tired and the more I worried about it, the more stressed and tired I got! It was a vicious circle. Plus I didn’t have millions to spend on myself to fix it– I had a family to take care of and a career to get back on track.

And the career thing was tough because I was looking and feeling old. How could I go on TV and exude confidence if I felt like crawling under the covers and having a bottle of Chardonnay with a bag of salt and vinegar chips? Well cut to a year or two later, with a best selling book under my belt, and sitting in the living room of my newly purchased home and finally feeling pretty great in my own skin - all thanks to my good friend Marek!

He quizzed me on why I wasn’t making the effort to take care of myself? And that hit home because I am scrappy and a fighter and why was I sabotaging myself? And that is when things really began changing! We started working on a line of products that would take us from defeated to divine! I knew from talking to thousands of women that we all get to that place where we don’t believe in ourselves and I wanted to develop a product that put us front and center. Products that are luxurious, with 15 years of expertise behind them and loaded with botanicals to give you the beauty and confidence you so richly deserve.

Believe in the power of change. It opens every door. xoxoMJ