Meet Our Team

 Meet Our Team Why Choose Mary Jo?
Mary Jo team - Marek Hewryk

Mary Jo CELL CANDY is a skincare line based on 2009 Nobel Prize winning science, full of peptides, natural extracts, premium botanicals and with no preservatives.

Over 35 year of experience goes into each product, creating a line that gives you undeniable luxury at an affordable prize.

Mary Jo has partnered with Marek Hewryk, LLC which manufactures 4VOO distinct man and Hewryk luxury skin care brands. This partnership guaranties the highest quality and superior customer service for the mary jo line.

At the hands of renowned artisan-chemist Marek Hewryk - who for years privately crafted the most advanced and exclusive skin care treatments for celebrities, royalties, and distinguished executives - a new standard has been set.

Mary Jo products are based on the best ingredients and technologies available. Products are developed using the expertise of a team of independent industry specialists. Our formulations are extensively tested for desired results, and only when we are satisfied, our reputable laboratory carefully blends small batches to ensure maximum effectiveness.
This synergistic approach is timely, and it produces a superior product.

Mary Jo Cell Candy