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Mary Jo Cell Candy skin care

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to achieve the skin I have always wanted and I believe you can have it too. Youthful, radiant, and glowing I feel like a new person no longer having to hide behind too much concealer and make up. It actually makes me feel happy and confident knowing that I am looking and projecting my best.

When I reconnected with my friend Marek Hewryk nothing was really working and I desperately needed help in getting my appearance back. So together we created a skincare line based on 2009 Nobel Prize winning science, full of peptides, natural extracts, premium botanicals and with no preservatives.

Over 35 year of experience goes into each product, creating a line that gives you undeniable luxury at an affordable prize. Nothing makes me crazier than not having access to incredible things because I can’t afford them. That is why we priced the line in a way that gives you unbelievable value without feeling like you just spent your children’s education fund.

Every product is color-coded embodying the California landscape – fuchsia, tangerine, emerald green, lavender – making the products effortless to use. I wanted the line to be fun, to put a smile on your face with creams that offered stunning results and a fragrance that was fresh and light like a cloudless sunny day. Beautiful skin and confidence should be a right and not a privilege. Affordable, fun and easy to utilize our skincare line will do for you what it did for me – give you back your glow, your smile and most importantly the confidence that makes you unique!