Why Choose Mary Jo?

 Meet Our Team Why Choose Mary Jo?

Mary Jo Cell Candy skin care



Mary Jo CELL CANDY is a skincare line based on 2009 Nobel Prize winning science, full of peptides, natural extracts, premium botanicals and with no preservatives. 

Mary Jo products are made in the USA. They are not tested on animals and are preservative free.

Over 35 year of experience goes into each product, creating a line that gives you undeniable luxury at an affordable prizeWe priced the line in a way that gives you unbelievable value without feeling like you just spent your children’s education fund.

Every product is color-coded embodying the California landscape – fuchsia, tangerine, emerald green, lavender – making the products effortless to use. We wanted the line to be fun, to put a smile on your face with creams that offered stunning results and a fragrance that was fresh and light like a cloudless sunny day. Beautiful skin and confidence should be a right and not a privilege. Affordable, fun and easy to utilize our skincare line will give you back your glow, your smile and most importantly the confidence that makes you unique!